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Like Mt. Rushmore, we can provide some rock-solid support for those applications that just perform too well to be retired. Problem is you cannot afford to dedicate staff to support them since you need to train your developers in the newer web-based apps you have to prepare and release to your customers. Let us keep those in-house systems in tip-top condition. Click to see what we offer.
Contract Programming
Does your staff (or your management) feel left out in the cold when you bring in outside contractors ? Are they afraid the knowledge about your systems leaves when the contractor goes out the door ? We can provide in-house legacy tool training to your staff, tailored to your requirements at much lower cost than off-site classes (if you can find them). Each class will be custom built to meet your individual requirements. See what we can do for you.
In-house Education
As we reach our golden years, the last thing we want to worry about is our retirement funds being mismanaged. We offer services to provide add-on support to Sungard's Omniplus / Omniplan Benefit Tracking System.

Omniplus / Omniplan
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Omniplus & Omniplan are products of Sungard Employee Benefit Systems
Note - we do NOT provide maintenance services to the core Sungard code