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BETA Services started as a spare time venture providing computer-based services in Northwestern Massachusetts. During the day, Vincent Moderski, President of BETA Services, Inc. was a fulltime consultant at the Geary Corporation in Pittsfield Massachusetts where he was a manager for a group providing 24x7 mainframe application support and consulting services. In 1994, Geary Corp was sold to Keane and Mr. Moderski took BETA Services to full time status, providing mainframe contract services in addition to its former offerings.
BETA Services relocated and became incorporated in Pennsylvania in late 1994. The Northeast PA location enables the company to be close to the Metro New York and Philadelphia markets and offers easy access to a number of interstate highways and airport services. Consulting is normally performed at the client's site, but for those who offer online access, we can provide services on a telecommuting basis at reduced rates.
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